23 November 2017

April - Nov 2017 Busy Life

Yes, the local fair has borrowed the name successfully!

 A wall in Aurangabad and below, the Bibi ka Maqbara - or mini-Taj
 Just another day in traffic

 At the mini-Taj

 Just another day in traffic
 here too

 Electric and Telephone cables in an old street in Delhi
 Normal Egg Transportation

 Enjoying Face-Timing with Danielle
 Trip to the village
 and to the beach
 and one crazy bridge that I drove our SUV through. So much scarry fun.

 Our view from our patio (above) with sea shells our children collected from all over - Thailand, Goa, Chennai...

Another view from traffic - Happy Village- take a right turn!
 Some good friends

Below: Nafisa playing air hockey
 LOVE getting mail from home

Anybody for some refreshment? Note: Bottles have been hanging in 90+ degree weather all day. 

 Wait for it at 1:52.  The event started at 4:30am and ended at around 11am India Standard Time.

 Nafisa won!

My phone stitched two photos together to create this nice traffic light seen.

Storm came and went 

 We have often gone to Thailand over the years and life was good there under the rule of the king.

(above) in the hills north east of Goa
 Nafisa got tested for food allergies .. not too fun.