26 June 2010

Went to the Falls

Today, we went here! The rocks are covered with mineral deposits so walking down and up the falls is pretty safe...even on the real steep parts. I'm amazed ... Nafisa really enjoyed going up and down with our friends, too! Pics to follow...

22 June 2010

Quick trip to Thailand

On the 15th of June we were informed that our trip out of the country would change dramatically...so we found ourselves in Chiang Mai, Thailand! Here are some pics from the last few weeks.

The very moment of impacT! Nafisa getting her ears pierced!

The treat Joseph promised her after!

At the Taepae Gate, Chiang Mai

Here's Joseph playing big-brother....

All on 1 bike!

At a wedding in Pune, India

OK, Maria...which one did Danielle and I buy for you? ;-)